Paperboy is the 4th arcade game I have owned. I picked this one up back in 2007 and it has been a working champ in the arcade. That means 15 years of pure enjoyment, from a game I fell in love with as an 80's kid. I've noticed over the last year that the Paperboy controls seemed a little off. Most arcade games I've owned had little to no maintennance done on them by previous owners. More than likely Paperboy had the original 38 year old potentiometers in there. With that, I ordered 2 new pots as replacement which are needed for the X/Y diagonal movement in the game. Paperboy pots are very specific 5K pots with "D" shaft types. They have a flat edge that allows an allen screw to hold the gear on.

Unplugging and taking off the control panel is relatively easy, and allows quick access to both pots. Two things you need to make note when replacing the pots. That is the 3 pin wiring color code and the center adjustment of the pot. For the color code you simply take a picture of the existing wiring and make sure you solder wires onto the new pot in the same order. The center alignment gets a little trickier. You adjust the pot to the extreme right and left making note of the turn position. Then adjust to the center most position. Next, I replace and solder in the new pot without the gear. Finally, make sure the spring loaded handle bars are in their center postion. Then slide the gear onto the pot and use an allen screw to attach it in place. When finished I plug back in the handle bar control panel, do the pot adjustments in the game's setup menu, and finally coin up a game of Paperboy. The control of the Paperboy character onscreen seems nice and tight. Perfection! Looking forward to another 15 years out of this game in the Vintage Vault Arcade!

It's that time of year for the annual New Years Eve party down in the Vintage Vault Arcade for friends and family. I'm pretty sure this year the kids outnumbered us. It's all good, having a safe place for both adults and kids on New Years Eve. The video jukebox was loaded up with over 2700 music videos, we had a taco bar set up in the kitchen, 165 cans of soda were loaded in the soda machine, and 280 quarters on standby for the candy and tattoo machines. Things didn't wind down until early morning. I know for a fact that "someone's kid" was asking me for more quarters for the candy machines at 4am. Always a good time down in the Vintage Vault Arcade!

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