12/08/07 - Police Trainer Road Trip
Todd picked up a little present for his wife for Christmas, a Police Trainer. While the trip was short, we picked it up during a freezing drizzle of a rain. Why does picking up an arcade always coincide with bad weather? Sadly, the camera was forgotten so I couldn't preserve the memory. At this point, Todd isn't sure what to do with this large machine as he is currently out of room. I asked my wife if I could buy her an arcade for Christmas. Unfortunately, she declined.
12/07/07 - Wii Funds Arcade Addiction
Nintendo has made a lot of great games over the years. I managed to cram as many quarters as I could into games such as Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros and Popeye. It's only fitting that Nintendo help me make a tidy profit this Christmas as I believe I was the one who single-handedly raised their stock prices from 1981 thru 1984. Oh yes, I purchased a Nintendo Wii for $270 and turned around and sold it for $380. This is what I call "New School funds Old School Fun". Now what arcade can I buy for $110?

12/02/07 - Road Riot 4WD Road Trip
Today I brought home the twentieth arcade in my collection... in the freezing rain. I won off ebay a Road Riot 4WD for $50 which listed as "The game comes on and tries to play but the steering doesn't work". Sounded like a simple fix so I jumped at the chance to bring home my first driving game for such a low price. I figured at least the working monitor was worth $50 if it came down to it. You can read more about this road trip here.

11/25/07 - Repair Log: Rampage World Tour >
So a few nights ago I fire up the arcade for a little R & R. Much to my dismay, the video on my Rampage was all scrambled. I fiddled with the vertical and horizontal holds thinking it was just cold weather. No such luck. I had to do 3 different monitor repairs when I bought this game, so now I'm thinking it's at the end of its life. I spend about thirty minutes and come to the conclusion that it wasn't keeping the composite sync. Hoping it wasn't on the monitor board, I tried unplugging and replugging the video connector. Bingo! Sync is back and all is well. I rub out a few games for good measure and consider it fixed.

11/17/07 - Trip To An Arcade Super Auction >
Today myself and Todd went to a Super Auctions in Collinsville, IL looking for new arcades to add to our collection. While there I sighted a dead Mario Bros wide body cabinet with the serial #8 on the back of the cab. You can read more about it here.

10/22/07 - New Addition to the family
Today a new video game player was born (it was a baby boy). The baby's name is Isaac (which means laughter). His weight was 8lbs 7oz. His length was 21.25 inches long. All in all it was a pretty good week bringing home Child #4 and Arcade #19. You can see more of Isaac here.

10/19/07 - New Addition to the gameroom >
I just picked up my 19th arcade, a Joust! I got it super cheap and the best part is that this was one minty little cabinet. It had all the manuals, schematics, keys, and the warranty registration card. Personally I consider it my best deal yet. My vehicle broke down on the way to pick it up, but a quick phone call and I had a truck come to the rescue. This deal wasn't going to get away. You can read more about it under My Games.

9/22/07 - Play Hard...Work Hard >
Todd and I took out our Waverunners today for a little fun in the sun. Afterwards Todd invited me back to his house to help him move a couple of things. This turned out to be a baby dresser into the baby's room, 2 arcades up the stairs into the garage, and 2 different arcades down the stairs into the basement. At 250 to 300 pounds a piece this is no easy task. They had to be carried by hand without a dolly. I think the kicker was moving a Battlezone into the basement. This thing weighed the same as a small car. Todd, your next house better have a walkout basement. All kidding aside, I was glad to help, I got a nice workout, and he took me out to eat. He would do the same for me.

7/07/07 - Hat Trick Road Trip >
This is Bob. Bob owned a Hat Trick. My friend Todd won this Hat Trick on Ebay. I went with Todd on a road trip through 3 states to pickup up his dream machine. Read about it under Road Trips and find out who Bob is.

6/30/07 - Paperboy Road Trip >
I have been looking for a Paperboy for sometime. I finally found one located in Coweta, Oklahoma and purchased it off of Ebay. Total round trip distance: 768 miles. Total time: 12 hours. Unfortunately I was so excited to get my Paperboy that I forgot to bring a camera and photograph the road trip. Maybe next time. You can read more about my Paperboy under My Games.

6/26/07 - Death of an Arcade >
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to set fire to an arcade game? Well think no more. Someone Frankenstein'd an arcade cabinet and I had to put it out of its misery. See pictures and videos under Death of an Arcade.

6/13/07 - The Basement Arcade
This is my son Joshua in the arcade.

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